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Publication: Literary Review of Canada

December 19, 2011

Back at the turn of the century (!!!), I was the poetry editor for the Literary Review of Canada and, now that they’re celebrating their 20th year of publication, they’ve asked their former editors for contributions to a special anniversary issue. One of the poems from my upcoming book, Whiteout, is now on the stands. Also appearing this month, are three poems each in Event and The Fiddlehead.


News: Whiteout now available for pre-order

November 13, 2011

Whiteout, poems by George MurrayMy upcoming book for spring 2012, Whiteout, is now available for (WAY in advance) pre-order at a variety of e-retailers. I sometimes like to order books ahead of time, then forget that I ordered them, and then find myself pleasantly surprised when they arrive, apparently unbidden!

I link to the amazons over in the side bar to the right, but mostly because it’s just easy and many readers already have accounts there, making ordering a cinch. But like many authors, I feel a certain solidarity with small booksellers, and I’d prefer that you buy my books somewhere local and independent, if you can. If not, you can always order straight from my publishers (ECW for this book and Glimpse, but Nightwood and M&S/Random House before that).  So, please find below a bunch of options for ordering online:


McNally Robinson (most recommended)
Chapters/Indigo (least recommended)


Powell’s (most recommended)


News: Poem Adapted to Song

October 4, 2011

One of the poems I have in my upcoming collection, Whiteout, has just been released as a song on the new album of folk group The Once. It’s called “Song for Memory,” and I originally published it in The New Welsh Review. It was a great process working with the band to craft it into a song and I’m very pleased, in part because I was already a fan of the band before they asked me to participate. Who knew rock stars read poetry?!

You can listen to and order the album here, at their record label’s (Borealis/Universal) site. My song is the last in the list. In fact, the album is called “Row Upon Row of the People They Know”, which is the refrain from the song itself.


Publications: Fiddlehead, Event, Arts East, Pasture

September 12, 2011

New this fall and winter will be several publications containing poems from my upcoming book, Whiteout:

  • Arts East, a mag out of Halifax, has one poem
  • Event, out of BC, has three poems
  • Fiddlehead, out of Fredericton, has three poems
  • Pasture, out of New Zealand, has three poems

Event was the first mainstream journal to print one of my poems, back in 96, with Fiddlehead only the next year. So it’s nice to be back in both.


Book: Whiteout, Spring 2012

September 2, 2011

Here’s the cover for my upcoming book, Whiteout, due spring of next year from ECW. I hope you like it! I love it.



News: Publications

July 27, 2011

A whole bunch of poems from my new manuscript will be appearing in various journals this summer and fall. Pasture, out of New Zealand, will be publishing three poems, Event, from BC, will be publishing four, and the newly revived Metroverse (poetry on buses in St. John’s) will be publishing one of the aphorisms from Glimpse. There are also 37 aphorisms from Glimpse in the special aphorisms issue of Hotel Amerika (Chicago) — and one of those aphorisms is the all the text on the back cover, in flow-y script, like James Geary’s is on the front (pictured below).


Event: Canada Reads Poetry

April 15, 2011

I’m participating as a panelist in the Canada Reads Poetry project hosted online by the National Post and CBC Books. The project was generated in response to last summer’s 10th annual Canada Reads tournament, which very purposefully excluded poetry from the running. This contest runs a little differently, with each of the panelists offering an initial essay in defence of a book of poems, followed by an live chat online in which the panelists will take questions from moderators and the public. Then a public vote will decide “which poetry book Canada should read” together. Mostly this gives me a chance to highlight a book I think deserved a wider audience when it came out.

The panelists and books are:

Great list of books, any of which would be an interesting exercise in communal reading. At this point there are still two essays to come, and then the live chat is next Thursday at 2pm EST. Should be interesting to see how it goes!



April 8, 2011

I started a new multi-aesthetic web magazine called It’s designed to take the borders out of poetry. I hope you like it and will participate by sending your work to me and/or the editors listed at the site.


News: Glimpse Gets Second Printing

December 13, 2010

Happy news for Glimpse: the book is going into a second printing three months after its release! Sadly for poetry, this is a relatively rare thing these days. Make sure to buy up those first edition copies for posterity. You could stand to double your money within 100 years!


Events: Writer in Residence at Open Book Toronto

November 1, 2010

I’m the Writer in Residence at Open Book Toronto this month. Check there regularly to see what I’m up to. First up: the Questionless Books Interview. I interview a bunch of disparate books people (authors, editors, publishers, publicists, designers, booksellers, readers, bloggers, journalists, nfp types, etc.) about the future of books without ever asking a question. I hope you enjoy what I’m doing there and join and comment on the site.


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