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News: Forthcoming 2007 Book Finally Titled

December 4, 2006

My new book, which will appear this coming spring (2007) with Nightwood Editions, has finally been titled. It will be called The Rush to Here and will be comprised of four fourteen sonnet sections that work with the new forms and rhyme I’ve developed specifically for this book. The rhyme is based on what I call “thought” or “concept” rhyme, wherein ideas bounce off each other at the end of lines instead of sounds. This allows me to work within the formal and generative constraints of the sonnet while avoiding the trap of the sing-songy, faux Elizabethan sound that is often the by-product of modern dabbling in antiquated forms.

Several of these sonnets already appeared in the Frog Hollow chapbook, A Set of Deadly Negotiations, as well as in issues of Nthpositon, New American Writing, the New Quarterly, and Painted Bride Quarterly.