Events: Upcoming Readings

August 1, 2007

I’ve got a few readings coming up this fall, including some in the US.

Art Bar Poetry Series
Clinton’s Tavern, Toronto
September 11, 8pm

Bookslut Reading Series
Hopleaf, Chicago
October 4, 7:30pm

Frequency Reading Series
Four-Faced Liar, New York
October (TBA)

Bookfest Windsor
November 2-4
Time and location TBA

If you’d like me to read at your venue or speak to your bookclub or group, please contact my publicist Marisa Alps at info@nightwoodeditions.com  to set up a date.


One comment

  1. Just thought I would leave a comment. Nothing really. Just this. Yup. Wow. That was awkward. Okay, I’m off now. Cheers! Best of luck with the upcoming readings. Bye, now. Now where’s the Submit Comment button? Ah! There it is. Right under the window. Wouldn’t you know it. *So* obvious. Gonna click it now. Ciao!

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