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Event: BookFestWindsor

October 29, 2007

I’ll be appearing this coming weekend at BookFestWindsor. If you’re in town, please stop by one of the events and grab a book.

Publishing Panel (also appearing: Beatriz Hausner, John Metcalf, Derek Weiler, Dan Wells)
November 3, 5pm
Wilkinson Room (Main Floor)
Art Gallery of Windsor

Poetry Reading (also appearing: Stephen Cain, Dennis Cooley, Beatriz Hausner, Susan Holbrook, Tanis MacDonald, Karl Jirgens)
November 3, 5pm
Valiant / Rodzik (3rd Floor)
Art Gallery of Windsor

We can all retire to the Casino afterwards and try to break the bank.


Event: IFOA

October 19, 2007

I’ll be appearing twice at IFOA in Toronto this weekend, first to host and interview authors Stephen Cain, AJ Jacobs and Bruce Meyer on Saturday afternoon and then to read with a whole host of other folk on Sunday at 1pm. Info below:

Stephen Cain, AJ Jacobs, Bruce Meyer (hosted by George Murray)
Saturday, Oct 20, 5pm
Premier Dance Theatre

Diane Ackerman, Bernard MacLaverty, Valerie Martin, Eric Wright and George Murray
Saturday, Oct 21, 1pm
Premier Dance Theatre


Review: Lemon Hound

October 12, 2007

Another very positive review for The Rush to Here, this time from the US, and forwarded to me by a friend. (Excerpt below). After last week’s trip to Chicago and Manhattan to read, I was somewhat surprised and very pleased to come home with a few more course list placements for the book. It seems prof-types really get off on the use of concepts in place of sounds for fulfilling the rhyme obligations of the sonnet. It allows students access to the mechanics of the form while reading in their own vernacular. Plus, they seem to like the poems themselves. (One such academic writes: “your book, which I’ve been reading, is kicking my ass. Come spring, know that you’re officially on the syllabus.” I like professors who talk like that.) Lemon Hound seems more interested in the emotional quality of the poetry, which is a nice contrast to those impressed with the technical fun.

George Murray, in his latest book, just out with Nightwood, and a much more emotionally engaging and present book than his earlier two with M&S, soars.

Perhaps this is a poet coming into his own, a poet back in Canada, a poet settling into poetry, but there is more lightness here, more range, and a directness of voice–clear the speaker, clear the audience, that line, very direct. These are companionable poems. Mind, they aren’t a perfect companion for this poet, but I can certainly recognize their companionability and further, can imagine them being carried around and dogeared. For this poet, that is the ultimate compliment.

What makes this poetry interesting to me, aside from its formal concerns, is its willingness to wonder about the human condition, not simply to describe, or tell (more on this as I work on an essay on lyric, Jan Zwicky and Anne Simpson). I can go far with any voice that creates a space for me in a poem, a poet that invites me into their world (world that rings true). I grow so weary of the faux revelations in poetry, the earnest tone that mocks sincerity. There’s none of that here.


Events: US Tour

October 3, 2007

Hi all, I’m off to Chicago and New York City to give some readings and have some drinks with old friends. Please see below. Even if I don’t know you (ESPECIALLY if I don’t), please come out and say hi.


The Bookslut Reading Series
October 4 at 7:30pm
Hopleaf (see here for info and map)

New York:

The Frequency Reading Series
October 7 at 2:30pm
The Four-Faced Liar (see here for info and map)

If other events are added, I’ll let you know here.