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Anthologies: Jailbreaks and Open Wide a Wilderness

June 12, 2008

A long while ago, Zach Wells contacted me about using a sonnet from The Rush to Here in his upcoming anthology of Canadian sonnets called Jailbreaks. Well, the anthology has finally up and come. And it’s not only a beautiful looking book, it’s a very interesting rattlebag of poetry more concerned with the poem at hand than the name brand of the poet. There are quite a few well known poets in here, but more than a few are new to me, and most of the sonnets are new to me as well. I’m pleased to be part of it, but moreso to simply have it. Go get it.


Also upcoming is a reprint of a poem from The Cottage Builder’s Letter in Open Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems. That one will be out in August.

Open Wide a Wilderness