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Publication: Alhambra Poetry Calendar

October 12, 2008

Last year a poem from The Rush to Here appeared in the international poetry calendar from Alhambra, and I was pleased to be asked to be part of it. It’s always chock full of (350+) great poets writing in English (there are French, German and Italian versions of the calendar available also), so I was doubly pleased to be asked again this year. A poem I published last winter in London Magazine will be reprinted in this year’s calendar, but on what date I have no idea. Last year I was in mid-January. It was kind of fun to flip the pages day-by-day, all these great poems flying by, and then suddenly come upon one of your own. I urge you to buy it, or put it on your gift list, and enjoy it throughout 2009. It’s publication date is October 22.