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Review: Prairie Fire Review of Books

January 13, 2009

A nice little review of The Rush to Here in the Prairie Fire Review of Books was just brought to my attention. It’s amazing to see this book still getting reviewed two years later. I like how newspaper reviews allow for immediate reaction while journals take some time and perspective with their editorial. Anyway, thanks to Prairie Fire for the kind words. Excerpts below, full review here.

The writing never lets me down. It is continually smart and revealing, almost conversant and colloquial, but pulling back with the shine of poetry. The overall tone sounds world aware and observant rather than world weary.

Murray doesn’t cheapen experience. He examines it from any number of perspectives, and yet sets nothing in stone.

The sidetracks within the poems are a modus operandi. What’s likely to be said is skirted in favour of a tangent or dipsy doodle. In motion-picture parlance, these are jump cuts that command attention, and a slowing down. A simple phrase like “Your turn is today” (70) means life is short, but, in the grand scheme of things, that your turn is the equivalent of one short day. I’m stopped. I recognize this poignancy in the face of the ongoing diurnal events. “Mostly the world waits / / patiently. Mostly people get on / with things. / Mostly they are unaware / of waiting.” Enjoy the art! Oh yes, this is one wonderful book.