New book: Glimpse

January 14, 2010

I have a new book coming this fall (2010) with ECW Press. Below is the cover mockup for Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms. It’s a book of 409 of my aphorisms (a compressed poetic genre), culled from a pool of about 1000 I’ve collected over the last few years.  I’ve just finished a second major house edit on it and am preparing for a third and copy edits. It’s an exciting time and I’m in love with the cover design. I’ll put up ordering info and whatnot as it becomes available.


  1. […] years, and I still think of if quite fondly. This month they’ll be printing 13 aphorisms from my upcoming book Glimpse. It’s only the second or third time these aphorisms have appeared in “print” […]

  2. Congrats, GM.

    • Hello,
      My name is Anrea Zaslov and I am a Red River College Creative Communications Student. I am taking a Creative Writing course and one of our assignment includes reading your new book. Congratulations by the way!

      I have been told it is hard to get a copy of. I need to read your book before September 23. Can you suggest where I can purchase a copy of this book please? I would greatly appreciate that information as I would like to start reading it as soon as possible.
      Anrea Zaslov

      • Hi Anrea,

        I replied by email!


  3. […] George Murray, aka “The Bookninja guy,” aka “one of Canada’s finest extant poets,” just put out a book of 409 aphorisms. Snappy one- or two-liners of wisdom and wit. In a nutshell, an aphorism is a poetry-philosophy fusion, and something more accessible than either. It is the core thought upon which language is laid to construct a poem … minus the poem. They are poetic thoughts, adages, Murray has called them, “The smallest unit of poetry or philosophy.” […]

  4. […] George Murray, — otherwise known as “The Bookninja guy,” for running one of the world’s first and currently most followed literary blogs, Bookninja.com — has five books of poetry out there now, and his fifth, Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms, just hit the shelves. He also has a few chapbooks under his belt, and the latest, Exit Strategy, was published in New Zealand, by Kilmog press. His writing has appeared in more than 30 esteemed literary journals and magazines, and in more than 10 anthologies, and if that isn’t impressive enough, his reach extends beyond Canadian borders. Many of those journals and anthologies were published in the US, the UK, Germany, Australia. In fact, he’s gotten around some himself. He’s taught at Humber College, but he’s also taught in Italy, and after returning from Italy in 2000, he married and moved to New York, and taught at New School University. In 2003, the year he returned to Toronto, he was nominated for the US’s well-regarded Pushcart Prize (Think ReLits meets Journey Prize?), and won the New York Festivals Radio and Television Award for Best Writing for “Anniversary: A Personal Inventory” (commissioned by CBC Radio). I could keep going, mention that his book, The Rush to Here, is a personal favourite of mine and was shortlisted for the CAA poetry prize, Atlantic Poetry Prize, and the EJ Pratt Poetry Prize, but you’ve gotten the point by know, or you already knew: he’s really good. […]

  5. […] Murray, Book Ninja and author most recently of the excellent Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms, interviewed me for his writer-in-residence blog on the Open Book Toronto website. I would like to […]

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