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Publications: Maisonneuve and The Walrus

March 15, 2010

I have poems coming up in Maisonneuve and The Walrus. Maisonneuve is my alma mater magazine, in that I was Associate Editor there for a few years, and I still think of if quite fondly. This month they’ll be printing 13 aphorisms from my upcoming book Glimpse. It’s only the second or third time these aphorisms have appeared in “print” (depending on how you define “print”—one appeared on Harriet, the blog of Poetry Magazine, and a couple have appeared on Facebook) and I’m quite excited to see how they come off as a group. I’ve just not been sending them out, so it’ll be interesting to see how they read outside the full manuscript.

Maisonneuve is one of the best magazines Canada has ever produced. It’s gone through its share of ups and downs, but its content has never waivered from the good side of awesome. Halfway between the New Yorker and Punk Planet, it’s really a thing of subversive beauty.

The Walrus, which is actually something like Canada’s New Yorker, at least in terms of audience—but is perhaps more current events oriented—just accepted a poem called “Brushfires” that will appear sometime in the near future. The Walrus is one of those magazines that has undeniably improved over the last few years, building itself up from the saucy rich kid of Canadian publishing to a real force that mixes establishment with grassroots writing.

I’ll update when they’re both available.