Review: Broken Pencil

November 8, 2010

Broken Pencil also loves Glimpse!

Four hundred and nine one-liners that send-up the concept of the aphorism, mock the wisdom of poetry and, at the same time, create memorable, eerie, mini-experiences in their own right. George Murray, Newfoundland-based poet and creator of lit website bookninja.com has given us a compelling, singular work. “Resolve to always be the last one clapping as the applause dies, and someday you’ll also be the first as it begins.” Love it! “The currency of a time without imagination is solution.” Say what?!? “The dog repays the extra long walk by rolling in twice as much shit.” I hear ya brother!

Murray is the kind of poet Canada needs way more of: a Kung Fu Buddhist who walks his own pet. Memorize just five of these nuggets of anti-wisdom and you will never, ever, ever be without something to say to the pretty person standing next to you at the party.


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