Review: The Toronto Star

December 18, 2010

A great review for Glimpse in the Toronto Star. Just in time for your last minute gift-giving. Go get a copy for that person you know who’d like to read poetry but “doesn’t have the time” (as suggested in the article), or that other one who appreciates an old art form given contemporary dressing without losing the craft. (It really does make a good, unexpected gift. Last week, I had a lady call me and ask if her son, who was coming through town, could come by and get the book signed because she’d bought it for her husband who had been intrigued after hearing about it on the radio. I signed the book last night at my front door and it’s off under a tree somewhere now. If you’re in St. John’s and want something similar done, contact me.)

Glimpse is an engaging little package of 409 aphorisms. Most are one-liners, and the longest is just over five lines. They can be gobbled up page by page, or dipped into here and there. Grouped five to a page, with sly care in their ordering, they are so freewheeling in tone and topic that it’s equally pleasing to read them out of sequence. Indeed, the format seems to invite browsing.

In Glimpse, Murray may have come up with the ideal poetic form for the age of Twitter. It’s easy to breeze through its bite-sized witticisms in a sitting. And yet, what’s perhaps a bit surprising is that the book continues to yield enjoyment, and a sense of discovery, on rereading.

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