News: Best of Year List

January 3, 2011

Atlantic books impressario Chad Pelley (Salty Ink) has been a great booster for Glimpse, and he does so again, adding Glimpse to a “best of 2010” list in the Telegram.

“Glimpse,” by poet George Murray; a collection of 409 aphorisms. “It’s not often someone writes a book of poetry this accessible and enjoyable to people who don’t like poetry,” Pelley said. “You can respect it as a form of poetry, or you could see it as a gag book that you have on your coffee table. A lot of (the aphorisms) are really funny, and a lot are really insightful. I think it’s a good gateway for a lot of people into poetry.”

And speaking of gateways, I signed and/or heard-tell-of a record number of copies being bought for usually-non-poetry readers. The radio and paper coverage seem to have done their jobs and piqued the interest of prose readers. Nice!

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