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Radio: CBC’s The Next Chapter

May 23, 2011

I’ll be on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter today with Shelagh Rogers, talking about Glimpse. I imagine this is the last bit of publicity the book will get, but what a great way to go. Please tune in at 1pm EST to listen!


Awards: EJ Pratt Prize Judges’ Citation

May 19, 2011

Here’s a very nice assessment of Glimpse from the EJ Pratt Poetry Prize judges, who were Mary Dalton, James Langer and Shoshanna Wingate. Glimpse lost out to the very worthy Mole, by Patrick Warner. Thanks to all!

If, as George Murray tells us, “Complexities unnoticed remain simplicities,” then there is nothing simple about Glimpse. In 409 selected aphorisms, Murray stitches his stolen glances into a broad vista overlooking a constellation of our most inspiring and troubling presences: beauty, death, chaos, form, faith, fate, and chance. To give a sense of this collection’s range would be to quote it entire, but whether wise or wisecracking, Murray’s poetic meditations are consistently inclusive and expansive. In a time of tweets and sound bites, Glimpse widens the chasm that separates simple brevity from prismatic concision and gracefully reminds us of the unbearable swiftness of being.


Awards: Glimpse wins an IPPY

May 6, 2011

Glimpse took bronze in the IPPY poetry category in the States. I didn’t even know it had been submitted for this, so it’s kind of nice. I hear winners actually get medals. The last time I got a medal I was 24 and competing internationally in Judo. So this makes me feel loved and young. I’ll wear it around for a few days like I just left the competition and haven’t had time to take it off yet…


Interview: CBC’s Weekend Arts Magazine

May 4, 2011

Here’s the nominees for the EJ Pratt Poetry Prize (Patrick Warner, Tom Dawe, and me) talking about poetry on CBC last weekend. Three good books, though my money is on Tom Dawe to win.