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Publications: Fiddlehead, Event, Arts East, Pasture

September 12, 2011

New this fall and winter will be several publications containing poems from my upcoming book, Whiteout:

  • Arts East, a mag out of Halifax, has one poem
  • Event, out of BC, has three poems
  • Fiddlehead, out of Fredericton, has three poems
  • Pasture, out of New Zealand, has three poems

Event was the first mainstream journal to print one of my poems, back in 96, with Fiddlehead only the next year. So it’s nice to be back in both.


Book: Whiteout, Spring 2012

September 2, 2011

Here’s the cover for my upcoming book, Whiteout, due spring of next year from ECW. I hope you like it! I love it.