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Event: Reading in Vancouver

October 13, 2011

I am reading and speaking and moderating as part of the Vancouver 125 Poetry Conference starting next week. It’s my first time in Vancouver (really!) and I’m in some very good company. Check it out!


Translation: Glimpse in Italian

October 6, 2011

A prominent European aphorisms site has translated a bunch of numbers from Glimpse and provided a little introduction, in Italian, on the poet. Very exciting. I lived in Italy for a while back in the 90s, and learned to speak the language. While I’m a pretty rusty speaker now, I can still read, and these translations seem quite good to my amateur eyes. Thanks to the proprietors of the site for their interest and for bringing Glimpse to a new language.


News: Poem Adapted to Song

October 4, 2011

One of the poems I have in my upcoming collection, Whiteout, has just been released as a song on the new album of folk group The Once. It’s called “Song for Memory,” and I originally published it in The New Welsh Review. It was a great process working with the band to craft it into a song and I’m very pleased, in part because I was already a fan of the band before they asked me to participate. Who knew rock stars read poetry?!

You can listen to and order the album here, at their record label’s (Borealis/Universal) site. My song is the last in the list. In fact, the album is called “Row Upon Row of the People They Know”, which is the refrain from the song itself.