Interview: ARC Poetry Magazine

June 12, 2012

This is an interview I did with Rob Winger over at ARC magazine. We cover the last three or four books and a wide range of mostly serious things. Hope you like.

I wasn’t exactly concerned with truth, so much as the essence of truth, as I had experienced it. People think a lot of things they don’t believe and believe a lot of things they don’t put much thought in to. That firing of the mind still happens and the moment of having had a thought, right or wrong, is still important, even if you talk yourself out of it later.

There were “truths” in Glimpse I had thought my way toward, like walking against a strong wind, and then distilled down to something substantial and succinct. There are others I just declared, and the declaration itself was brief and pithy and raw enough to be, in some way, “truthful,” if only through its arrogance. It has the power of confidence behind it, which is really just what turns fiction into truth.

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