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Review: Year End at The Telegram

January 10, 2013

The Telegram, St. John’s daily newspaper, name checks yours truly and Whiteout in its year-end roundup. Thanks again to Chad Pelley, a big supporter of my work.

To conclude, I’ll point out that, numerically speaking, 2012 has been a year of poetry for our province. Normally we see works of fiction and non-fiction rolling out of here by the barrel, but this year it’s been a steady supply of poetry, and among them, new works from two of my favourite poets: “Whiteout” by George Murray, and “Perfection,” by Patrick Warner. Both poets tackle the sorts of fleeting thoughts we all have, but they have a gifted knack for making the potency of a fleeting thought or observation explode with meaning. You needn’t be a poetry scholar to enjoy their work.


Reviews: Best-of-Year Roundups

January 7, 2013

Whiteout has made the end-of-year roundups at two venues: Salty Ink and The National Post. Salty Ink has been a longtime supporter of the book and my work, and that support is essential and appreciated. But having the National Post’s poetry columnist Michael Lista say Whiteout flew a little too much under the radar for his taste is awfully surprising and nice.

From Salty Ink:

“As expected, Whiteout offers Murray’s prophet-like insight into humanity alongside calculated diction that leaves no word out of place and no poem one line too long. And if what I’m saying is bordering on  hyperbole, go Google reviews of his work — there’s an uncommon authenticity in peoples’ praise of the poignancy of his work. He has an uncanny knack for metaphorically rich writing that captures all the hidden meaning and truth a fleeting moment can hold — in a way that never feels like poetry so much as a well-worded  moment of revelation any of us could have, if we had his words and patience to craft them. There’s something unique about his poems, and more importantly, something powerful that stirs readers, poem after poem after poem.” – Chad Pelley

From National Post:

“I think this is Murray’s best book. It’s short, lean and long-gestating, and the poems sport a lightly worn formality that feels organic, never decorative. Some of the poems are a decade old, and so the collection — which ranges geographically from an ash-covered New York on Sept. 11 to a snowed-under present-day St. John’s — feels expertly rehearsed and crash-tested. But even though Whiteout is a long time coming, I think it came too hot on the heels of his last book, which was published two years ago. But it’s definitely worthy of wider attention.” – Michael Lista