Hanging Out a Shingle: Walk the Line Poetry Courses

December 18, 2020

Hi all, I’ve decided to start my own pandemic business: poetry courses for all levels. We’ll learn the tools of poetry over an 8-week, online course in a combination of asynchronous discussions (sort of like a message board) and synchronous meetings (an optional one-hour Zoom once a week). Should be lots of fun! The first course is already more than half full and will start in January. It’s a great gift for someone who wants to either get started in poetry, get back into poetry, or would just like a better understanding of how these little machines work. Even if that someone is you. We’re all going to be stuck inside this winter anyway, so why not. Connect with peers and an experienced poet and editor (moi) and get those thoughts down on paper in a way that pleases both your brain and your heart. No nonsense, lots of fun, and a focus on real tools of the craft. Hope to see you there! Be sure to check out critic and Quill and Quire editor Steven Beattie’s article on the whole affair here.


One comment

  1. Sounds like a good idea George!

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