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New Book: Pre-orders Open for Problematica

May 25, 2021

Problematica: New and Selected Poems 1995 – 2020 will be my first book in 4 years, covering 25 years of writing, and it’s launching this September.

Damn. Things are starting to get real. I have come to the point in my life when someone has asked me to do a selected edition of my poems. This means I am getting old. That said, it was sort of amazing to go through all that old work that seemed so disparate and find that there was indeed a through-line of poetic thought. I also added a healthy section of new poems.

Friend, and half-decent poet himself, Adam Sol generously provides a saucy introduction that I think matches my general lifelong aesthetic of seesawing between the grim and the humourous. Sol reviewed my third book, The Hunter, in the Globe and Mail back in 2003, and had nice things to say, so it seemed like a full circle to have him back looking at my poems. I am always very glad to have his eyes on my work, regardless of his assessment.

I hope you can pre-order this book at your local bookstore. If not, there is always Chapters, Amazon, and the other biggies. If you don’t have a local (like me) and must rely on delivery — but you don’t want to support the meatgrinder that feeds directly into the mouths of billionaires — try ordering from somewhere like McNally Robinson. Even better, order directly from the publisher.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you about it.

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