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Publication: Reader’s Digest

February 5, 2013

I have a Word Power column in the back of the new Reader’s Digest (Feb 2013). Subject: Video Gaming. It’s a sort of vocabulary game wherein I provide you with a term and three possible definitions, and you need to figure out which is right. Last one I did was on “Poetry”. This one should be harder, and might set a few regular RD readers on edge, at least until they ask their kids/grandkids for help. There’s no link online, that I know of, but here’s a link to the main Reader’s Digest page for the print issue. There’s another one coming up this spring, on “coffee culture”. Fun stuff.


Publication: Canadian Poetries

November 3, 2012

Interesting new web magazine Canadian Poetries has published two of the more obscure poems from my latest book Whiteout. It’s a really well-done site with lots of great poetry and text about poetry. Check it out.


Launch: Whiteout in Toronto

May 11, 2012

We’re finally here, launching Whiteout in my old hometown. Everyone and their friends welcome. Come help me (and the other ECW spring authors) celebrate!

What: ECW Spring Launch Party
Where: The Sister (1554 Queen Street West, Toronto)
When: Monday, May 14, 7pm
Who: Readings by:

  • David Balzer, author of Contrivances
  • Heather A. Clark, author of Chai Tea Sunday
  • Joey Comeau, author of The Complete Lockpick Pornography
  • Sky Gilbert, author of Come Back
  • George Murray, author of Whiteout


Event: St. John’s Launch for Whiteout

March 10, 2012

I’ve finally scheduled a St. John’s launch for my new book, Whiteout. Info all below. Hope to see you there, and to find you brought some friends with you.

  • What: George Murray launches Whiteout
  • When: Tuesday, April 3, 7:30pm
  • Where: The Ship Pub, 265 Duckworth Street, St. John’s
  • How: Muchies on hand, beer available at the bar, and books for sale… perhaps a poem will be heard

Here’s the Facebook event for the page. Feel free to invite your St. John’s people or visiting folk to it.

Whiteout, poems by George Murray


Publication: Whiteout at the Printer

February 7, 2012

My forthcoming book, Whiteout, is finally at the printer. See the full cover below, and pre-order the book at one of the links to the right. Hope you like it!


Publication: Literary Review of Canada

December 19, 2011

Back at the turn of the century (!!!), I was the poetry editor for the Literary Review of Canada and, now that they’re celebrating their 20th year of publication, they’ve asked their former editors for contributions to a special anniversary issue. One of the poems from my upcoming book, Whiteout, is now on the stands. Also appearing this month, are three poems each in Event and The Fiddlehead.


News: Whiteout now available for pre-order

November 13, 2011

Whiteout, poems by George MurrayMy upcoming book for spring 2012, Whiteout, is now available for (WAY in advance) pre-order at a variety of e-retailers. I sometimes like to order books ahead of time, then forget that I ordered them, and then find myself pleasantly surprised when they arrive, apparently unbidden!

I link to the amazons over in the side bar to the right, but mostly because it’s just easy and many readers already have accounts there, making ordering a cinch. But like many authors, I feel a certain solidarity with small booksellers, and I’d prefer that you buy my books somewhere local and independent, if you can. If not, you can always order straight from my publishers (ECW for this book and Glimpse, but Nightwood and M&S/Random House before that).  So, please find below a bunch of options for ordering online:


McNally Robinson (most recommended)
Chapters/Indigo (least recommended)


Powell’s (most recommended)


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