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For bookings interviews, headshots, or other publicity information, please contact:

Sarah Dunn, Publicist
sarah { at } ecwpress.com
ECW Press
2120 Queen Street East, Suite 200
Toronto, ONM4E 1E2
Voice: 416 694-3348
Fax: 416 698-9906

Or email the author directly:

bookninja {[AT]} gmail.com



  1. Hi George,

    Thank you very much for doing the interview with us. We are live with the new edition. Your face graces our cover and here’s the link to your interview and excerpt: http://www.fwointl.com/artman/publish/cat_index_55.shtml

    Thanks again!
    Julie A. Pierce
    Managing Editor
    Inkwell Newswatch (IN) — Writers’ Ezine
    Published by:
    Freelance Writing Organization – Int’l.
    – A Writer’s Digest Top 101 Site
    – #1 Writing Resource Site – The Writer

  2. I am a lyricist/poet. I am currently writing a book of poetry. what advice can you give me to help me break into the business

    • The best advice is to get *out* of this business!

  3. Hello,
    I really enjoyed your reading at the Thin Air Festival with Red River College.

    I am a student of Karen Press for her Creative Writing class. I need to interview an author for one of my assignments. I am sure you have been contacted already by some of my classmates. I was wondering if I would be able to conduct an email interview with you that I would be able to publish on my blog. Would that be okay with you by chance? If you could let me know in the next day or two, I would certainly appreciate it. If you are able, please provide me with your email information so I may send you the questions. Thank you so much for your anticipated cooperation.
    Anrea Zaslov
    anrez.blogspot.com is my blog.
    Thank you again.

  4. Hi there — I just read Brushfires in ‘The Walrus’ and couldn’t help think of John Donne — various verses from various poems — but particularly from ‘The Canonization’ (below).

    Brushfires is quite a terrible beauty — Thank you for it!

    Call us what you will, we are made such by love;
    Call her one, me another fly,
    We are tapers too, and at our own cost die,
    And we in us find th’ eagle and the dove.
    The phoenix riddle hath more wit
    By us; we two being one, are it.
    So, to one neutral thing both sexes fit,
    We die and rise the same, and prove
    Mysterious by this love.

    • Thanks for the kind words and verses, Lisa!

  5. hello George,

    i am just wondering if you are currently taking any open poetry subs at this time for your webzine NewPoetry. if yes, where can i please find your guidelines or send my submission?

    thanks for your attention, and happy writing/editing!

    yuan changming at poetrypacific.blogspot.ca

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