Free Download: My first book

March 20, 2020

My first book, Carousel, was published 20 years ago right about this time. It was well received in reviews and sold pretty well, but hasn’t been seen on shelves in about 15 years. In prepping a selected edition that’s forthcoming, I reread all my old books and forgot how precocious and bad and great this one was. I kind of love the kid who wrote it. Fearless and dumb. I’ve lost contact with the original press, but they never gave me a contract or paid me anyway, so I’ve decided to re-release the book as a PDF for free download from this site. This book is so old, the original files I created it in won’t open in my word processor, so I had to retype it from scratch. Perfect distraction for the end-times of Covid-19, etc. Anyway, if you’re stuck at home and want to see the sort of thing a brash, 27-year-old kid wrote back at the turn of the century, this is the book for you! Click on the link below and it should download a PDF to your machine.





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